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HALE HALE omiyage company will offer select Hawaiian products (=MONO). Also we will offer information about Hawaii (=KOTO) so that you can have special experience in Hawaii.
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Makapu’u Hiking with a Three Year Old Child

Hawaii has many hiking spots. The most common and popular hiking trail is probably Diamond Head. It may take only about 30 minutes, even for an amateur, so we may believe that it is not difficult, but the trail is sometimes slippery and steep. Try doing the hike with a small child. You may guess that your little ones will ask you to carry them and you feel you shouldn’t go and you’re probably right, but there is a hike that you can take a kid or even baby on! It is called Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail. It is past Hawaii Kai, Hanauma Bay and Sandy Beach. For this KOTO report, I will write about the Makapu’u hike with my three-year-old son.

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【MONO report】Easy step to Make Chai Tea Latte at Home with Herbologie Herbal Tea

Herbologie’s herbal teas are made with the finest local ingredients and utilizing the power of probiotic fermentation. We carry two types of their tea, Flexy and Pure Serenity on our online shop, but today we use Flexy and make Chai Tea Latte. Flexy is the herbal tea blended with many spices like turmeric, ginger and cinnamon. It tastes little spicy but it can be too strong if you normally like mild tea. If so, why don’t you try to make ridiculously easy Chai Tea Latte with this Flexy tea and Milk at home? You can imitate the taste of sweet and mild Chai Tea Latte that you usually drink at cafe. Also It is fun to try different style even if you like to drink strait.

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FINISHED:【info】Made in Hawaii fair in JAPAN !

As an opening event, We will have Made in Hawaii fair in Aoyama in Tokyo on September 18(sun) and Shimotsuma in Ibaraki on 24(sat) and 25(sun). I will bring back premium items from Hawaii so it is the limited chance for you to get those items in Japan. Come visit us!...

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