Best Places with Kids in Hawaii  LOCAL BESTS

Best Places with Kids in Hawaii LOCAL BESTS

Hawaii is a very popular place to travel with children. In this LOCAL BESTS, we will introduce the best places to visit with kids. How do locals enjoy their family time with their children?

Kuliouou Beach<Hawaii Kai area>

It is like a shallow pool! Super shallow beach

When you drive on the Kalanianaole Highway towards Hanauma Bay from Waikiki, you will reach the Hawaii Kai area, which is a quiet and beautiful residential area. Right before the Hawaii Kai area, there is Kuli’ou’ou Beach on the right side of the highway. The park and beach are same level and connected, there is spacious area in front of the ocean. It is super shallow beach and quite amazing! You can see the people taking a walk with their dogs really far from the shore. There are no waves so some people bring their low beach chairs in the water and relax with their child. It is good to hang out with babies around 1 year old who can’t control their movement so much. The landscape is very dynamic. Koko Head is nearby and you can see China Walls beach on the other side of the ocean. At low tide, there will be no water so you have to be careful of the timing. High tide is better suited for enjoying the water. Best timing depends on the season.
(Check here for the best time )


Best Places with Kids in Hawaii - Kuliouou Beach
Best Places with Kids in Hawaii - Kuliouou Beach with beach chair

Kuliouou Beach


By Car: (From Waikiki) Drive on Kalanianaole Highway towards Hanauma Bay. Turn right on Bay Street and go to residential area. Go straight and you will see a parking lot. On the left hand side of the parking is Kuli’ou’ou Beach.

By Bus: Take #22 or #23 bus to Sea Life Park at Waikiki. Get off at Kalanianaole Hwy + Opp Kawaihae Street and walk back towards the Waikiki direction a little bit. Take a left on Bay Street. Walk straight down the street and you will see Kuliouou Beach.

Children’s Discovery Center

Best place to take your kids in the rainy days.

The Children’s Discovery Center is in the Kakaako water front area. Inside the building, there are different theme areas. One of the areas is where children can play and enjoy learning about biology of the human body. Also there is small town with a lot of miniature shops like the doctors office, restaurant, store or fire station. Kids can enjoy role-playing there. Upstairs has displays of different cultures, so children can enjoy and learn. For children under 3 years old, there is an area called Rainforest Adventures Area, where kids can play with water and slides. This is the best place for kids to go when it is raining. Make sure you go within the opening hours! It is open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on weekdays except Mondays and 10:00 am until 3:00 pm on the weekends. You need at least 2 hours if you want to enjoy all of the activities.

Best place with kids Children's Discovery Center
Yellow and pink colorful building is Children’s Discovery Center.
Best place with kids Children's Discovery Center Restaurant set
Restaurant set
Best place with kids Children's Discovery Center Hawaiian Air set
Hawaiian Air set. Kids can try to be pilot or flight attendant.

チルドレンズ ディスカバリーセンター

111 Ohe St. Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 524-5437
Tue-Fri 9:00~13:00、Sat・Sun 10:00~15:00
Adults/Kids $10、Children under 1 Free

By Car: Parking is free and located in the Kakaako Waterfront Park parking lot.

By Bus: From Waikiki and Ala Moana Shopping Center take #19 Airport, #20 Airport, #55 Kaneohe, #56/#57 Kailua busses to Ala Moana Boulevard and get off in front of Cutter Mazda Volkswagon on Koula Street. Cross Ala Moana toward Pflueger Acura and follow Ohe Street toward the ocean until you come to a blue and pink concrete building with a smoke stack, which is across from the Kakaako Waterfront Park.

MyGym Honolulu

Let’s exercise with local friends!

MyGym is a fitness club for kids and there are hundreds of locations in more than 30 countries. Whether you are a member or not, MyGym opens their classes, free-play time, parents night out and seasonal event with non-member price. Regular class is $45, free-play is $15, and parent night out is $45 for three hours. There are also seasonal events, depending on the time. In October, they had a Halloween event and lots of children (and parents) with costumes participated. Each class has free-play time and designated game or exercises with the instructors.  The activities build confidence in the children and help them develop necessary skills as they grow. It is very interesting for adults to see how the kids communicate with other children and adults. In Hawaii, there are two locations in Kailua and Aina Haina, but please note that the price of above is only for Aina Haina. If you go to Kailua, please call them to check if there are classes for non-members. There are lots of play equipment like slides, balance beam or ball pool. When you plan to take a class, go to their website and make a reservation on the spot. Events are irregular so please check our events calendar on the website for the schedule and details.
子連れハワイおすすめスポット マイジムホノルル
Halloween event. Instructer and children with their costume.



My Gym Honolulu 820 WEST HIND DRIVE #1227
(808) 537-1900

Check out our event info (KOTO>Events) on our website for the MyGym events that are open to everybody.

Makapu’u Hiking

A hike that can be done with your baby and stroller

It is good to go to beach but why don’t you try to go hiking with your kids? On the weekend, lots of local people go out for hiking with their friend or family. Among many hiking spot, Makapu’u trail is the best trail to go with your baby or kids. Whole trail is paved and very wide so you can even go with the stroller. One way is about 30 to 40 min. The view of east side of Oahu is fantastic. In the winter time, you might have chance to see whales. There are several points on the way to see the whales, so try to check out the binocular.
Best Places with Kids in Hawaii - Makapu'u trail

Makapu’u Lookout

Makapu’u Light house Trail

10035 Kalanianaole Hwy, Waimanalo, HI 96795

From Waikiki, take the H1 freeway going east. Drive past Hanauma Bay, Sandy Beach and Hawaii Kai Golf Course. You will see the sign “Makapu’u Lookout,” then go into the parking.

By Bus: Take the #22 bus going to Sea Life Park. Get off at Sea Life Park and walk back towards the direction you came about 12-15 minutes. You will see the sign “Makapu’u Lookout.”

Best place to grab a coffee in Hawaii

Best place to grab a coffee in Hawaii

Featuring of the Best places for the coffee where local people frequent. Recently lots of cool cafe are emerging in Hawaii and they offer authentic coffee and also stylish space. We feature the cafe in Manoa where the tourist would visit rarely. Isn’t it the best time to grab a coffee and plan today’s activity in a morning?

Morning Glass  Coffee + Cafe

Superb coffee with Hawaiian fresh breeze

Mac and Cheese pancakes?  Hamburger pancakes?  Add a couple of bucks for bacon on top.  These are some of the signature dishes from this cafe/restaurant in the heart of Manoa Valley. It’s not just the food, but the coffee and teas.  Their ice coffee, the “Toddy,” according to one local is “perfectly rich, smooth, and strong.”  People from all walks of life come here, away from the hustle of town.  Life is slower in Manoa.   Please don’t mind the wait, you’re in Hawaii.  Open air style makes this place a breath of fresh air where you can enjoy the breeze.  Lines start before the restaurant opens at 7:30 am on weekends for their weekend brunch, so either come early or make your first visit on a weekday when the locals are getting ready for work….and don’t forget to sign your name on the clipboard to save your spot.

Morning Grass image

Morning Glass Map

2955 EAST MANOA ROAD, HONOLULU TEL:(808) 673-0065
Mon-Fri:7am-4pm Sat:7:30am-4pm  San:7:30am-1pm

Brue Bar

Cafe for Local business people

Seattle has Starbucks and Hawaii has Brue Bar.  With multiple locations in downtown, it’s convenient to find for the working crowd, but if you’re not in the area, check out the one in Ward Center or Kakaako. While pricier than Starbucks, you get the atmosphere and a better coffee.  Consistency.  Many people say whichever location, they choose, they can expect to get a consistent tasting coffee.  Be careful about the closing hours as some close as early as 4 pm.

Brue Bar image

Brue Bar Ward Avenue

Brue Bar Merchant St

Brue Bar Bishop Street

  • Ward Warehouse: Mon-Sat 8am-6pm Sun 10pm-5pm
  • Downtown #1 : 119 Merchant Street #2 : 1164 Bishop Street  Mon-Fri  7am-4pm

The Curb Kaimuki

Small shop but serving able coffee

Kaimuki is another local neighborhood with many great restaurants and small boutique shops.  What started out as a coffee truck on the University of Hawaii Manoa campus, is now an actual shop in the heart of Kaimuki.  Go up Waialae Avenue, a little past 10th Street, next to the 7-11, and you’ll find this little place where the baristas are extremely friendly and knowledgeable.  They will teach you about coffee and perhaps serve you one of the best that you’ve ever had.  Try the nitro cold brew nitro coffee straight or with a locally made syrup such as the lavender which will add to the flavor.  As mentioned, this place is small, so if you’re lucky enough to get a seat on the corner outside, do your best to enjoy the breeze and the mood.  Most likely though, you’ll do take out and continue exploring Kaimuki town.  Helpful tip: like most “green” places these days, bring your own cup and they’ll discount your drink $0.60.  If Kaimuki isn’t convenient for you, try their other locations at the Pan Am Building on Kapiolani Boulevard or two locations on the University of Hawaii campus.

The Curb Kaimuki image

The Curb Kaimuki - Kaimuki-

The Curb Kaimuki -Paradise Palm-

The Curb Kaimuki - Sinclair Library -


  • Kaimuki: 3538 Waialae Ave Ste #101, (808)-315-1912, Mon-Fri 6:30AM-7:30PM /Sat / Sun 7:00AM-7:30PM
  • UH Manoa#1:2560 McCarthy Hall Honolulu, Mon – Fri 7:00AM-6:00PM / Sat & Sun  (Closed)
  • UH Manoa#2  : 2425 Campus Rd Honolulu Mon-Fri 8:00AM-2:00PM / Sat & Sun (Closed)

Bluetree Cafe

Comfortable space that you can’t help staying longer

Across from the Blaisdell Center on Kapiolani Boulevard is a great cafe.  Cafe or juice bar?  They actually serve both, as well as smoothies and acai bowls.  My personal favorite is the Honey Badger for that boost if you’re not feeling your best, with apple, lemon, ginger, agave, and cayenne pepper (which gives it a spicy kick).  Very “hipster” atmosphere with the furniture, bikes on the walls, and art work.  You may also choose a seat outside where you can watch the street traffic.   Free wifi and electrical outlets make this an ideal place to get some work done.    Try a drink with their homemade almond milk.  Ample free validated parking is also a bonus.  Helpful tip:  try their complimentary (free) fruit infused water.  Some days it’s watermelon, other days it might be strawberry or cucumber.

Blue Tree Cafe image

Bluetree cafe

1009 Kapiolani Blvd,Honolulu, Mon-Thur 6 am-6 pm / Fri 6 am-5 pm / Sat & Sun 8 am – 5 pm

The Best Relaxing Beach in Hawaii

The Best Relaxing Beach in Hawaii

Speaking of Hawaii, many of the you would say beach. You can access to bunch of beautiful beach easily. We introduce you quiet and relaxing beach without crowd. These places are also local’s special places so please follow the rule there and keep quiet and beautiful beach.

Hunakai Beach <Oahu>

Feels like you are a local

As you drive down Kahala Avenue from Waikiki, stop and park near Hunakai Street.  If you find the walkway, go down the lane and you’ll discover an almost private beach.  Depending on the tide, you can relax anywhere on the white, sandy beach with views of Hawaii Kai and Koko Head.

hunakai beach image01

During the high tide, most of the sandy beach actually disappears except for some spots further up along the beach front homes.  When it’s low tide, you’ll get a lot more sand to sit out on.
You’ll get the feeling of being a local as many nearby residents walk their dogs along this stretch that goes all the way to the Kahala Hotel.  

On this particular day, it wasn’t very sunny and not so crowded but as I walked further down the beach, there were people walking their dogs.  Everybody seemed to give each other a friendly smile or a “hello.”  There were a few tourists from the mainland US who were taking a stroll.  The winds suddenly picked up and blew her hat in the water.  They didn’t seem to mind though.

Note: There is no shower and toilet. If you want to take a shower after the beach, there is a Kahala beach near there.


Drive down Kahala Avenue from Waikiki, stop and park near Hunakai Street.  If you find the walkway, go down the lane and you’ll discover Hunakai beach. 

Hanola beach <Oahu>

Interesting view which is used for movie and TV drama.

If you drive five or ten minutes past Hanauma Bay, you will discover Halona Blowhole.  What many people don’t know is that while facing the water, on the right, there is a little path that leads to Halona Cove.  Although it is a little rocky going down to the beach (better to wear good footwear), the scenery is very beautiful and was featured in popular movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and 50 First Dates and the TV show, Lost.  Probably not the best beach to swim at but more of an adventure beach since the area is small and the waves and current are very strong. Many people like to jump off the rocks into the water.   Chances are you will be able to see a turtle.  If you’re lucky, you might see a seal.  Also be careful about your belongings left in your car, as there have been numerous break-ins, especially during the dusk.  Best to leave your valuables in your trunk before arriving at the parking lot.

Drive towards to Hanauma beach and past there for more 5 to 10 minutes. You will see the sign of Hanola blowhowl then park at the parking lot. Going down the path on the right hand facing front the ocean then there is Hanola cove.

Kauapea Beach<Kauai>

Secret beach loved by Locals

If you don’t mind a short hike up and down, you’ll be rewarded with one of Hawaii’s more beautiful beaches. No wonder the locals call this Secret Beach or Secrets. Kaupea Beach is located on the east side of Kauai below the Kilauea Lighthouse. On the left side you will see the tide pools on the right, you’ll see the naked sunbathers. Probably best to go in the summer as the waves get extremely big in the winter. Pack a bag with a beach umbrella if possible as there is no shade or food stands. If you plan on staying to watch the sunset, be sure to bring a flashlight as the return trip could be a little difficult in the dark.

Kauapea beach image

Around Kilauea lighthouse on North Shore in Kauai. The trail starts from the small parking lot. It is located at the end of Secret Beach Road off of Kalihiwai Road off of Kuhio Highway. It’s close to Kauai mini-golf.10 to 15 minutes hike to the beach.