Learned how to brew delicious coffee by Mathew of Rusty’s Hawaiian

Oct 5, 2016 | Interview, Story about MONO | 0 comments

If you think about Hawaiian coffee, the first thing that would come to mind is Kona coffee. But did you know there is another coffee called Ka’u coffee is getting popular among the coffee lovers? Made in the Ka’u district of the Big Island, which is on the same island as Kona, the area used to be known as a region for sugarcane. Now thanks to a farm named Rusty’s Hawaiian, this district is now known for coffee. Several of Rusty’s Hawaiian coffees have earned 95-point scores in Coffee Review: The World’s Leading Coffee-Buying Guide.  The founder, Rusty, and his wife Lorie Obra had committed to endless experimentation in learning how to make great coffee. “Dark roast” is usually bitter and strong for my taste, but their dark roast was completely different from usual. Today, we learned how to brew delicious Ka’u coffee from Matthew and Danielle who are Honolulu sales representatives from Rusty’s Hawaiian.

I was a person who didn’t care about the taste of coffee even though I drank a lot. Sometimes, I even brewed a second cup from the grounds I had previously used to make the first cup (It tastes disgusting). But after I learned from them, I wanted to know more about coffee and the steps of making the perfect cup. Even though I wasn’t too peculiar about the taste, I liked coffee, and I also liked the brewing process. I think it has a relaxing effect. Of course coffee you get from cafe is good but going through the process of grinding the beans, pouring the hot water and watching the water drip down to the glass is like a feeling of zen.

Actually when I was working in Japan I was busy at my office during the day and always pressed for time, but I felt refreshed and enjoyed the time when I brewed the coffee in the staff kitchen and watched the water seep through the coffee filter.

Anyways, if you drink coffee you want to have a good one. The way that we learned from Mathew and Danielle was really simple and easy. The equipment and materials needed are also simple and easy to get. Regular coffee time will turn into more luxury time!


  • Grinder
  • Dripper
  • Paper filter
  • Coffee kettle


First, let’s check if you have things for brewing. If you want a best taste coffee, it’s better to grind the beans right before brewing. But it might be little bit troublesome and you might have coffee already ground. I also don’t have a grinder right now, but I am sure to buy one since I want to drink fresh coffee. Just to tell you, Matthew’s grinder was a hand grinder by Kalita. It’s classic design and looks cool with well thumbed wood. It is as good as a kitchen interior. I wondered how much it is and checked on amazon, but it was just about 47 dollars. He says we can use electric one too.

Next thing we need is dripper. It was a regular plastic one.
Then paper filter. Looks like it’s also okay with a normal type.
And last one is a coffee kettle. This is important. As you know, the kettle for brewing coffee has a thin pour spout but do you know the reason? I will write about how to brew later but a thin pour spout is important for controlling the water. I am using a dripper on the coffee cup at home but I didn’t have a kettle for coffee and just poured hot water from a regular kettle at a stroke. Now I regret that I have been doing it since it ruins the taste even if I use a good coffee.



Rusty's coffee Matthew

Grinding beans

Dripper stand Matthew and Danielle brought. Of course you don’t have to have this to make great coffee.

Easy step for brewing

    1. Pour hot water on the paper filter.
      Haven’t you skipped this process? The taste of the coffee is very delicate so it is different if you clean the paper once. It will take off the smell and flavor of paper. Dump the water after dripping down.
    2. Put the ground coffee in the paper filter.
      One and quarter scoop for one cup coffee. Water temperature should be about 197 degrees Fahrenheit (92 degrees Celsius)
    3. Pour water along the side of grounds.
      Usually it is said “from the center”, but with his style, you want to make sure you pour the water along the side of the grounds. It has to be even. You don’t want to pour water over the same spot excessively. They say balance is really important. And don’t put too much water in at a time. You pour the water until top of the grounds are covered and when it goes through, you pour again.
    4. Finish when the side runs up.

When you see there is lower spot, it means you can pour more water there.

This is the secret how to make delicious coffee. I guess there are various ways for brewing but his coffee was definitely good. Of course Rusty’s coffee is a high quality but seems like to watch the process of brewing is also adding the special flavor. I hope you try this during your work and relaxing time on the weekend!