About us

HALE HALE omiyage company is a total gift coordinator.

Clear skies, gentle breezes and the blue ocean.
Taking a nap on the beach from the morning. Eating the shave ice under the sun. These are some things and experiences that make Hawaii so special.
Your time is limited and precious and should be used for yourself.
Selecting gifts is hectic, but you need to give thoughtful gifts to your loved ones and the people who you owe everything to.
HALE HALE omiyage company will offer select Hawaiian products (=MONO) and deliver it to your hotel. Also we will offer information about Hawaii (=KOTO) so that you can have special experience in Hawaii.
We are working with some of Hawaii’s best local vendors to make your time in Hawaii stress free and more enjoyable.
Let us take care of your omiyage shopping for you.