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You want to give gifts (omiyage in Japanese) made in Hawaii that your family, friends and coworkers can really enjoy or be happy to receive, but in your limited stay, it is time consuming to go out to get those gifts yourself.  Go out and enjoy Hawaii and your vacation.  HALE HALE omiyage company offers you premium local products.  Just look on our website and click to order. Let us take care of your omiyage.

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Made in Hawaii

Our products are made in Hawaii in which local designers and vendors have made from their heart. We sell premium products that normal gift shops don’t carry and also goods from the neighbor islands.

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Set of multiple gifts

HALE HALE omiyage company will offer specially selected gift boxes which contain sets of “Made in Hawaii” products. We have various theme boxes and  mixes of products so you can conveniently find something that you like.

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Delivery to your hotel

Since your time in Hawaii is limited, you want to maximize time for yourself. Don’t worry. We will deliver your gifts to your hotel or accommodations.

*Free delivery only for over $50 purchase

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Story about products

We also want to introduce the human side of our partners and report to you the process or story regarding their products. You and the people whom you give gifts to will feel more familiar with these products.

Story about mono

koto Know Hawaii

OMIYAGE in Japanese are gifts related to the place you have visited.  Japanese also say “miyage banashi” which translates to talk story about the trip or place, so the experience (KOTO) you have is also another kind of OMIYAGE. Shopping in Hawaii is nice, but there are so many other things that you can do here.  We want to pass on information that you can use to enjoy Hawaii.

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KOTO is the omiyage for yourself

Omiyage is not only for other people, but also for yourself.  KOTO omiyage are things and experiences that you keep from your trip. Go out and enjoy Hawaii.  Please enjoy the rich and varied nature and laid-back atmosphere.

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Recommendations from locals

We will introduce the local side of Hawaii and deliver information of events, activities, shops or restaurants on the “koto” page.  Please check it out!

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