What is KOTO?

KOTO Know Hawaii

OMIYAGE in Japanese are gifts related to the place you have visited.  Japanese also say “miyage banashi” which translates to talk story about the trip or place, so the experience (KOTO) you have is also another kind of OMIYAGE. Shopping in Hawaii is nice, but there are so many other things that you can do here.  We want to pass on information that you can use to enjoy Hawaii.


KOTO is the omiyage for yourself

Omiyage is not only for other people, but also for yourself.  KOTO omiyage are things and experiences that you keep from your trip. Go out and enjoy Hawaii.  Please enjoy the rich and varied nature and laid-back atmosphere.


Recommendations from locals

We will introduce the local side of Hawaii and deliver information of events, activities, shops or restaurants on the “koto” page.  Please check it out!

KOTO report