How to select items

We prepare three ways of selecting gifts depend of your vacation days and preference. Please choose anything as you like.


“Let us choose”

Click here if you want us to take care of selecting gifts.


“Choose it yourself”

Click here if you would like to choose gifts one by one.


“I want something unique”

Click here if you want to make gifts unique.

Leave it up to us
HALE HALE selection box

We offer selection box which contains set of multiple products. You can choose any box from different theme depend on the number of people you give or what kind of people you give to.



Selection box is made of tough material so that you can put in a suitcase. Besides, you can carry it since the box has a handle in case your suitcase is full with other stuff.


Product information card

We put product information cards in the selection box so that you and the people who get gifts can know about the product. The card has brief summary and features so the people must be even happier to read it when they use the gifts. If they want to know more about the product, they can read QR code and website address on the card.



The products are all well-selected and made in Hawaii. We make selection box with premium and hard-to-get products.You can select boxes depend on the number of the people and what kind of people you give to.


Wrapping goods

You don’t want to give gifts without wrapping. Selection box contains wrapping goods as many as the products. The people should be even happier to have gifts wrapped nicely. The wrapping bag is good because you can put product and product information card together.


All by myself
Choose items one by one


“Want to get this item for myself but need only one”  “Want to choose everything by myself”… Of course you can buy each product separately but set of the products. The good point of our shop is you can take a time to choose your gifts before you come to Hawaii or on the night at your hotel in Hawaii. You may combine one with another gift and wrap those up together; this shopping style should match for the people who seek more originality. We recommend to get wrapping goods also if you get single items.



Gift customization
Wrapping Goods

For repackaging into smaller sizes

You might give out chocolate or cookie from a big one package if you have many co-workers or team mates of some kind of club because it is the easiest and cheapest way. But haven’t you felt it is little bit matter-of-fact or there is no soul. If you agree it, please try to utilize our wrapping goods. You can still save money but your gift is going to be more special.

Arrangement as a present

Our wrapping goods do a great job when you give someone a product as a present. The design is simple and modern. We will have seasonal special design so you can wrap your product with your favorite design. If you put a ribbon, it looks even better. Let’s try to arrange your present for your co-worker whom you asked something while your absent, family whom you asked to take care of your pet or something like that.




For repackaging to a smaller size or present

seasonal package design

Seasonal special package design

We have seasonal special package in addition to basic package

paper bag

Paper Bag

We have multiple sizes



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