How to order

1.Go to item’s detail page and select the number. Click “Add to cart”

2. The message; “***” has been added to your cart.”, will show on the top of the page. When you keep shopping, go to another item page. When you go to payment process, click “View Cart”

3.Confirm the items you selected and click “Proceed to Checkout”

4. Read “Important note about order (MUST BE READ)”.
*If you have an account already, click “Returning customer? Click here to login” and input your email address and password. If your shipping address is changed, modify on the section below.

5.If you shop first time, input your billing address(your home) and shipping address(staying place in Hawaii).
*If you are ordering before your trip to Hawaii, please input the information for the delivery date and time into form #5 of the shipping address.

6.Select the payment method.

6-1. Credit Card
1.Input card number, expiration date and security code.
2. If you have purchased with your credit card in the past, you can select it too.

If you select PayPal, you will go to PayPal payment page. Please refer to the Payment of Order Guide.

7. Click “Place order” then you will see the message; Thank you. Your order has been received. If there are any change, please call shop as soon as possible. +1-808-425-6827